BuildingPoint UK & Ireland are the official partner for Trimble Buildings’ hardware and software solutions, serving architects, engineers, contractors, owners and occupiers across both nations.

We were established in 2022 as a partnership between Trimble Buildings and KOREC Group – one of the largest and most successful Trimble distributors in the world.

Our wide range of solutions include laser scanning, robotics, setting out and mixed reality, with a strong focus on field-to-finish workflows. That means we provide the whole package – hardware, software and support, allowing you to get the job done faster, more efficiently, safer, and more cost effectively.

Serving both the UK & Irish markets, we are headquartered in Dublin & Huntingdon, where our service & support are based. BuildingPoint UK & Ireland is the latest addition to the growing global BuildingPoint family, which currently numbers 23 organisations across the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions. We were established in September 2022, but began life as the KOREC Construction division, founded in 2019.

For you, the customer, this local knowledge and global-reach provides the best of both worlds. Our local colleagues speak your language, striving to understand your specific challenges and goals – whilst having access to the most current, most powerful and most effective tools on the market.