Construction Tablets

Make your site work quicker, easier and safer with a Trimble rugged tablet

Investing in technical tools can vastly improve the way a construction site works – but only if you get the right ones.

In this respect, a rugged tablet is essential. It gives you easy access to the latest plans, blueprints and inventory information any time you need to refer to it. No waiting for changes to be put on paper – a tablet lets you see them the moment they are uploaded to the cloud so you can account for them immediately.

The durability of Trimble construction tablets also means they can be used on any site without worrying about damaging the tablet – let alone fragile paper plans.

Rugged tablets are designed to withstand the intense tasks construction workers complete. They also have a long battery life to reduce charging times and will stand up to difficult environments. Able to handle drops and with a high-resolution touchscreen that you can read in any condition, these versatile devices are built to deliver reliable performance wherever you need them..

Want a powerful tablet with support to make sure it delivers?

BuildingPoint UK and Ireland are an authorised Trimble dealer. This means we know exactly what these top rugged tablets are capable of – and how best to use them.

Purchasing through us means you get all the support and advice you need to maximise the use of your construction tablet. We understand the demands of the construction industry so we’ll make sure you get a tablet that is up to the specifics of your work. We’ll find you a tablet that can withstand extreme conditions, equipped with the processing power and operating system to handle specific industry tasks.

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What is the use of tablets in construction?

Tablets have a variety of uses in construction fieldwork, helping to make tasks quicker, easier and safer.

They give you immediate access to information such as inventories, blueprints and plans. They also make these resources interactive, so you can amend and update on the go without worrying that someone else in the team is working from out-of-date information. 

In addition to making collaboration easier, they support teams by giving full access to safety guidance and recommendations, so staff are always able to work safely to the newest industry standards.

Tablets also offer a more user-friendly method of viewing files, especially large or detailed attachments. Their large, robust touchscreens are far more convenient on construction sites than small and fiddly phone screens and are easier for viewing in groups too. 

Which tablet is more durable?

All our Trimble tablets are built with durability in mind, making them perfect for the construction industry.

Trimble tablets stand out because they focus on durability from the start. Rather than just adding a tough exterior shell to provide fall protection, these are tablets that can withstand all the common issues found on construction sites. From IP65 protection to keep out dust, dirt and water, to military-grade certification against temperature, altitude, vibration and shock, they offer excellent durability in tough conditions.

Which tablet is best for construction work?

The best rugged tablet will always be the one that delivers the specific support you need, making it hard to give a generic answer. With a Trimble rugged tablet, you can trust you’ll have access to excellent battery life and tailored functionality in a tablet designed to meet the extreme demands of the construction business.

If you need help finding the best construction tablet for you, our team of Trimble experts are here to help. Speak to us today to find out more.