Trimble CloudEngine

Trimble CloudEngine

3D Scanning Software

Powerful 3D capture and analysis doesn't have to mean a sacrifice in usability. Trimble CloudEngine is intuitive, intelligent design and point cloud editor - perfect for driving productivity and quality between technical and non-technical collaborators.

Improve Communication and Efficiency in 3D Capture Projects

Create a living document with your point cloud data to monitor and track construction progress.

Trimble Cloud Engine Benefits

Ensure Accuracy Across All Project Stages

Validate designs, document changes, and the accuracy of the as-built model at every step of the project's development.

Make Point Cloud Data Easy to Understand

Extract a living document that can be easily shared with and viewed by non-technical stakeholders to monitor and track construction progress.

Improve Surface Geometry of Concrete Floors

Automate horizontal and vertical surface analysis with industry standard testing methods and customizable reports that can be published in visual modeling platforms.

Get the Most From Scanned Data Projects with a Full Set of Design Validation Tools

Combine Multiple Data Sources

Support structured and unstructured point cloud data from any source, including LIDAR, photogrammetry, SLAM, terrestrial and 360-degree photography.

Clash Detection

Design validation by cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-model or model-to-model with reporting.

Create a High-Performing Environment

Publish composite models of scan data, BIM and documentation to collaborate with project stakeholders. Add dimensions, annotations, images, reference tags and PDF documents to scan data.

Real-time Simulation

Visualize construction sequences using both point cloud data and model elements.

Automated Registration

Perform efficient cloud-to-BIM registration and take advantage of standard registration tools.

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