Trimble TX Series 3D Laser Scanner

Trimble TX Series

3D Laser Scanning

Enable comprehensive data collection on every worksite with the Trimble TX6 and Trimble TX8.

3D Laser Scanning for Every Project

Complete 3D Scanning Projects Faster Than Ever

Keep up with the demands of today’s need for better, more detailed information that can be used in design or progress analysis of your project.

Trimble TX Scanner

Make Work Easy

Make data capture efficient and easy with the touch of a button and a color touchscreen display.

Built Rugged

Capture data in demanding environments and bright sunlight.

Improve Productivity and Precision

Drastically reduce processing time with clean, low-noise data and capture data with 2mm precision using Trimble's patented lightning technology.

The Complete In-Field Data Capture Solutions


Extended Range 120m 340m
As-built data collection, even in bright sunlight

High Quality Data

High-res scan time of 3 to 5 minutes

Integrated HDR camera for fast image capture

Ready for VDC and BIM projects

Wireless operation from mobile devices

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