Announcing a new Trimble BuildingPoint dealer for the UK and Ireland

KOREC Group is pleased to announce it is the newest partner of Trimble’s BuildingPoint network, as it launches BuildingPoint UK and Ireland. KOREC Group has had a fruitful partnership with Trimble for over 20 years, and is proud to make their offering even stronger with this step.

This move is also a sign of KOREC’s commitment to expansion. It follows on from the 30 new positions they created in the company earlier this year.

This new partnership is here to support construction companies in keeping their projects on schedule and on budget.

In the UK and Ireland, over 70% of construction projects run over budget and time. This can be down to a variety of factors, such as rework, barriers to stakeholder collaboration and challenges to productivity and efficiency onsite.

BuildingPoint UK and Ireland are here to reduce these overspends. They will give construction companies access to the full portfolio of Trimble products. They will also be on hand to give regional expertise to make sure that companies are getting the most from their products.

This expertise comes from a BuildingPoint team who have specialist Trimble knowledge grown from years of working in the industry and with these products.

Our team will help businesses bring new workflows to their projects. Workflows that deliver increased productivity, effective time management and budget discipline. All while enabling improved coordination, project transparency and collaboration.

This new BuildingPoint offering will help with setting up and using a range of task-specific software and hardware. These range from general setting out tools to Augmented and Mixed Reality technology and robotics.

Alan Browne, Group Chief Executive of KOREC and EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2022:

“The creation of BuildingPoint UK and Ireland is the next phase on our journey along with Trimble of helping our partners in Building Construction operate more safely, more quickly and more accurately whilst reducing costs and the impact on the environment”

This dedicated and experienced team will be looked after by Sam Hough (UK) and Kevin Colwell (Ireland).

Regional BuildingPoint launch events are also going to be held, with the dates and locations announced shortly.

KOREC Group is delighted to announce the establishment of BuildingPoint UK and Ireland as it becomes the newest partner to join Trimble’s BuildingPoint distribution network.
Sam Hough (left) and Kevin Colwell (right) with Spot the dog

About KOREC Group

KOREC Group is a trusted Trimble Geospatial Distributor. They have been active in the construction industry since they first formed in the 1960s and have grown to be one of the largest and most successful in the world.

The Trimble construction arm of KOREC has operated as KOREC Construction since 2019. In September 2022, they joined the global BuildingPoint family under the name BuildingPoint UK & Ireland.

We’re now part of a growing family of BuildingPoint organisations across the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

About Trimble BuildingPoint

BuildingPoint dealers represent Trimble Buildings’ solutions. This covers their software, service and hardware offerings designed to allow users to create, transfer and modify construction models throughout the design, build, operate (DBO) lifecycle.

They provide a groundbreaking capability to help make projects quicker, more cost-efficient and stay on schedule by enabling tighter coordination and collaboration.

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